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Third place in international architectural competition

Engineering for the Future of Belarus

From nowadays to the future of Belarus we are a Belarusian-German enterprise in the field of architecture, constructions and engineering systems. Our company was founded in 1993 named Belprombauplan Konsalt GmbH. In April 2016 it was renamed into INROS LACKNER BLR. The company team has extensive experience in design and construction of multipurpose buildings in the Republic of Belarus, Russia and Western Europe. We provide a full range of professional services in design of buildings for residential, civil and industrial purposes. The company uses a wide range of the latest software for computer-aided design and engineering analysis. The high quality of our services determines the presence of well-known Belarusian companies among our regular customers.

The quality of our services is a result of  adherence to the requirements and wishes of our clients, professional knowledge, years of experience and a creative approach.