Professionalism, experience, cohesion

Currently we have a team of 60 architects, designers and engineers. Highly qualified specialists and young hopefuls are united in one team. This team-work conduces transfer of experience and further business development. The high level of professional education and close cooperation of all professionals help to achieve optimal space planning, technical and economic decision-making process. We pay great attention to professional growth of our employees and give them every assistance in it. We encourage development of their professional skills, communicative abilities and the ability to work in a team environment in particular. A number of our leading specialists undertook an internship in different German engineering companies. Our company is aiming to meet the ever-changing market requirements. We secure the fulfillment of the contract within the time limits set. We also provide cooperation to our customers throughout all stages of design, offer all necessary consultations and facilitate the successful realization of the projects.

The effectiveness of our work is provided by high professionalism of our specialists, the use of the unified software and our own quality management system certified against the requirements of the Standards of the Republic of Belarus ISO 9001-2009.