Shopping and entertainment center "Expobel"
Minsk, Belarus

Center "Expobel" is the largest and most visited shopping sites in the Republic of Belarus. The centre is located at the intersection of Minsk belt highway and Logoysky trakt (highway M3). Concept development involves the creation of various high-quality shopping and entertainment functions and spaces that are attractive and convenient for all categories of customers. The existing part will be improved with the renovation of certain areas and spaces. Its total area will be increased from 32000 to 139400 m2.

Shopping and entertainment centre will include a hypermarket, retail outlets and public catering, 12-screen cinema, indoor market, bowling, children's entertainment center, etc. In the center will be designed a multi-storey parking with a capacity of 2,500 cars, so the total capacity of the Parking area will be 5005 cars. Total area of the center – 139400 m2.

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